School Safety Gates

Bradweld are Specialists in Supplying and Fitting Safety Gates for Schools.

Around the UK there have been a number of unfortunate serious accidents recently involving children getting their fingers trapped in gaps in school gates.

Bradweld offer a service whereby they can supply and fit school gates which are safe for both children and staff.

Please take into account the following General Safety Measures for manual school gates

1) It is not enough of a control measure to rely on a member of staff manually holding a gate open.
2) Very importantly the recommended safety guidlines for gates stipulate that hinge gaps are at minimum 25 mm wide and that there must be no reduction in size on movement which may cause a potential hazard.
3) There should also be a Gap size at the point where the leading edge closes to the fence post this should also be 25mm. Hinge guards may also help towards achieving safety.
4) A gate in all cases needs to be able to be secured in the open position and in the closed position.
5) In all situations at the leading edge where it closes to the fence post - a latch and/or a bolt and floor socket should be installed where necessary for safety.
6) Also At the fully open position a latch and /or bolt and floor socket should be installed where necessary for safety.
7) In some cases and this will depend on the circumstances the total control by padlocks or other locks may be essential for safety (e.g. to prevent swinging).